Grant Recipients

…Women’s foundations work … to help guarantee that (women and girls) can achieve economic (and social) balance."

— Stephanie Clohesy, Founder & Donor

The Iowa Women’s Foundation (IWF) is proud to partner with over 100 state-based organizations. Since 1994, $1.68 million has been awarded to 307 programs, benefitting thousands of women and girls in all 99 Iowa counties. Download our Grants at a Glance to see the projects we supported throughout the state of Iowa.

Learn more about the projects we have funded for over 25 years. You can search by year, barrier, or keyword below.

Creating Voice for Young Women and Girls in Iowa/ Speak Out

Graffiti Theater

Graffiti Theater's "Creating Voice for Young Women and Girls in Iowa / Speak Out" initiative aims to eliminate discrimination based on race, gender, class, sexual orientation and ability by establishing and expanding girls Speak Out discussion groups. Create a traveling mural representing the girls’ thoughts and experiences that will be showcased through

Girl Talk II

Planned Parenthood of Southeast Iowa

Planned Parenthood of Southeast Iowa's "Girl Talk II" aims to strengthen the lines of communication between teenage girls and their mothers in an overnight retreat offering programming on drug/alcohol abuse prevention, decision-making and self-reliance.

Lesbian Outreach Project

Council on Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence

The Lesbian Outreach Project aims to bridge gaps in providing domestic/sexual violence services to the LGBT community by providing on-going in-depth training to staff and volunteers.

Outdoor Involvement

Girl Scouts of Conestoga Council/ Quakerdale

Girl Scouts of Conestoga Council/ Quakerdale's Outdoor Involvement program will Link girls from both organizations to engage in outdoor team-building challenges with the outcome of increasing positive self-image and confidence.

Project C.O.P.E. (Counseling, Options, Prevention, Education)

Children and Families of Iowa

Children and Families of Iowa's Project C.O.P.E. (Counseling, Options, Prevention, Education) will sponsor the overcoming of barriers for victims of domestic violence/sexual assault in rural areas to access critical services while maximizing safety for victims and increasing outreach efforts.

Una Familia Saludable (Healthy Family)


YWCA's "Una Familia Saludable (Healthy Family)" aims to meet the needs expressed by Hispanic women in the community to learn English, access resources, break social isolation and strengthen families through health and parenting education.

Victory Temple Minority Women’s Health Initiative

Eagles Flight, Inc.

The Victory Temple Minority Women's Health Initiative promotes long-term healthy behavior and lifestyle through education, empowerment and community based-activities tailored to meet the unique needs of women and girls of color.

What We think

Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Iowa

Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Iowa's "What We Think" program aims to engage young women to design, lead and publish a comprehensive survey project assessing the attitudes and experiences of adolescent girls, providing an opportunity for practical skill development and long-term social impact.

Economic Literacy Course for Victims of Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Intervention Program

The purpose of the Economic Literacy Course for Victims of Domestic Violence will acquire training to offer the Personal Economic Planning curriculum to support low-income women with multiple barriers to employment, while also disseminating educational information through an established statewide network.

Intensive Case Management for Chronically Mentally Ill Homeless Women

Beacon of Life, Inc.

Beacon of Life, Inc. aims to Reduce homelessness rates among chronically mentally ill women by partnering with Golden Circle Behavioral Health to provide intensive case management for residents of the center who are battling mental illness.