The lack of female mentors, especially in male-dominated industries, can deter young women from striving for leadership roles, or from a job field altogether. For women who are in those industries, the lack of visible female role models may lead them to believe they don’t have what it takes to be a mentor themselves, despite having the same qualifications as their male counterparts.

IWF partners with organizations that are working to develop formal mentorship programs, encouraging women to share their talents and expertise, and inspiring a new generation of female leaders.

As women launch a business at NewBo City Market, we mentor them through the processes of early-stage business development, financial literacy, and entrepreneurial networking. Our mentorship creates a space for trust and learning for both personal and professional development. It is because of this mentoring relationship that we can hear their needs and begin to address some of the barriers faced by women and girls in Iowa

— Julie Parisi, Executive Director, NewBo City Market

NewBo City Market staff stands outside of the front of the NewBo City Market