The mission of the Iowa Women’s Foundation is to improve the lives of Iowa’s women and girls.

2019 Grantee Partners

With this mission as our guidepost, IWF annually makes grants available to organizations whose work aligns with this goal. With a focus on economic self-sufficiency for Iowa’s women and girls, we seek grant applications from organizations in Iowa addressing barriers to economic self-sufficiency of women and girls:

  • Employment
  • Child Care
  • Housing
  • Education/Training
  • Transportation
  • Mentorship

We need to do whatever we can to support and empower women seeking to make real change in our world.

Robyn Hepker, Donor

Applications are welcome from organizations with 501(c)(3) status and other grassroots organizations serving Iowa’s women and girls.

To begin the process, learn more about how we fund and our previous grant partners, view the Guidelines and then download the application.

To view a Grants Information Session, see the video below.