Building Community Childcare Solutions

Childcare is a community issue.

It is up to everyone—parents, business leaders, educators, political representatives, and childcare providers—to work together in finding solutions that alleviate the childcare barrier.

Iowa Needs Change

  • Affordable, quality childcare needs to be accessible to ALL Iowans, including those who live and work in underserved rural areas.
  • Nontraditional options need to exist for parents who work outside of the 9-5 schedule, including early-morning and late-night shift workers, as well as parents who attend school.
  • Childcare needs to be more affordable while also ensuring that providers still earn a fair and livable wage.
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IWF is committed to engaging the public around issues related to childcare.

Currently, IWF leads two initiatives to bring the topic front and center and rally Iowa communities to do something about it.

Building Community Child Care Solutions Collaborative

IWF’s first initiative, Building Community Child Care Solutions, is a state-wide effort created to explore the tactics and strategies that can help communities tackle a range of issues relating to childcare.

Much like the SHE MATTERS tours, Building Community Child Care Solutions has hit the road, traveling to different communities in Iowa to talk to childcare providers, nonprofits, business leaders, and working parents. During each visit, IWF presents participants with a “tool kit” that outlines how different organizations and institutions can partner together to begin planning and implementing various solutions. The solutions include:

  • Building new and expanding existing childcare centers.
  • Support for childcare entrepreneurs.
  • Encouraging local businesses to expand and/or add childcare benefits, including offering in-house care to workers.
  • Working with community colleges to inform and educate the next generation of childcare providers.
  • Supporting before-and after-school programming.
  • Creating viable childcare options for second- and third-shift workers.

Child Care Solutions Fund (CCSF)

There are several organizations committed to helping solve Iowa’s childcare crisis, but most struggle to secure the necessary financial support. As a grantmaking foundation, IWF is well aware that funding plays a crucial role in helping nonprofits accomplish their missions. For that reason, the Iowa Women’s Foundation established the Child Care Solutions Fund.

These funds are invested in organizations and institutions that focus on strategies to increase women’s economic security by decreasing the workforce gap through access to quality, affordable childcare.

Our Partners

This work could not be accomplished without the support of IWF’s statewide partners who are committed to tackling the childcare crisis. We are grateful for our partners’ support as we work to overcome this barrier, which is a huge piece of the puzzle in improving the lives of women and girls in Iowa.

Women’s Funding Network (WFN) selected IWF as one of nine national women’s funds to receive a grant that increases the support necessary to advance economic mobility among women and girls. This grant will provide resources to further IWF’s mission to make affordable, quality childcare more accessible throughout the state of Iowa.

To learn more about this partnership, we invite you to read the details about the Economic Mobility Hub.

How can I be a part of the solution?

  • Join your local Building Community Child Care Solutions Collaborative by downloading our contact list and getting in touch with a contact in your community.
  • Stay informed by liking and following IWF on Facebook and reading our blog.
  • Donate to support the childcare work in Iowa.
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