The Iowa Women’s Foundation was built because 27 individual women believed in creating better lives for women in Iowa. 

In the same spirit, we invite individuals just like you to join our journey and help us continue improving the lives of women and girls in Iowa.

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Individual Support

Donate Online

An online contribution is the easiest way to give to the Iowa Women’s Foundation. You do not need to have a PayPal account. Mastercard, Visa, and Discover are accepted.

Support the Child Care Solutions Fund

Investments in the Child Care Solutions Fund focus on strategies to increase women’s economic security by decreasing the workforce gap through access to quality, affordable child care.

Honor Iowa’s Women

Our two signature events, Ovation and Annual Luncheon, are our biggest grantmaking fundraisers to help improve the lives of Iowa’s women and girls.

More Ways to Give

The 18% Fund: A Partnership for Gender Equity

The 18% Fund has been established specifically to provide an opportunity for men to support the work of the Foundation.

Who are the 18% Fund Champions?

  1. They are part of a unique and important network of the Iowa Women’s Foundation.
  2. They are philanthropists promoting equity and opportunity for women and girls throughout Iowa.
  3. They help facilitate and fund initiatives and programs that improve the lives of women and girls in Iowa.

Why become an 18% Fund Champion?

  1. To join the only statewide organization working to enhance and improve economic self-sufficiency in a comprehensive way for women and girls in Iowa.
  2. To make a stand together to alleviate the causes and not just the symptoms of economic illiteracy for Iowa’s women and girls.
  3. To improve the lives of Iowa women and girls through a diversified mix of action and funding including advocacy, education, research, grantmaking and collaboration.

Your CHAMPION rewards:

  • $250 (three-year commitment)
  • Special acknowledgment as an 18% Fund Champion in media campaign.
  • Recognition as an 18% Fund Champion on the Iowa Women’s Foundation website.
  • Special recognition as an 18% Fund Champion at all Iowa Women’s Foundation events.
  • Reception with IWF supporters annually • Invitation to reception with IWF luncheon speaker annually
  • Consideration for participation on a community review panel
  • Opportunity to volunteer for IWF

18% Fund Champions

Many women’s issues impact men in a multitude of ways, whether in families, the workforce, or the community. We are especially grateful for our male supporters who understand the impact of what we do and how eliminating barriers for women benefits everyone.

Help make a difference—join the 18% Fund today! Click to view a dropdown of our current 18% Fund donors.

Chad Andrews
David Arens
Robert Becker
Nicholas Bergus
Mace Braverman
Kenneth Brown
William Clohesy
Dave Dierks
Matt Dunning
George Estle
Romaine Foege
Christoph Gorman
Michael Huber
Brad Kunkel
Michael Lehman
Michael Lensing
David Leshtz
Levi Architecture – Daniel Levi
Jason Napoli
Armond Pagliai
Brad Parker
Brook Rosenberg
Mark Ruggeberg & Robert Brooks
David Rust
Jack Stapleton
Alan Swanson
Alexander Taylor
Richard Tucker
Timothy Walch
Jerry Wiand
Dr. Allen Zagoren

Circles of Giving

Become a part of the change by joining one of our Circles of Giving

Newcomer Circle

First-time supporters can pledge between $100 and $249 for three years to provide critical ongoing funding for IWF.

Newcomer Circle members enjoy benefits including special invitations to meetings with IWF leadership and the Annual Luncheon speaker, and consideration for participation on a Community Review Panel. Members also receive special recognition on our website and at IWF events.

Leadership Circle

Pledge between $250 and $499 for three years to provide critical ongoing funding for IWF.

Leadership Circle members enjoy benefits including special invitations to meetings with IWF leadership and the Annual Luncheon speaker and consideration for participation on a Community Review Panel.

Directors Circle

Join our Leadership Circle by pledging to give between $500–$2,499 for three years.

Directors Circle members help create a stronger voice for women and girls in Iowa and are recognized for their involvement at our annual Luncheon and within our tribute publication.

Presidents Circle

By pledging to give more than $2,500 for three years, you can make a direct impact on how we support Iowa’s women and girls.

Presidents Circle members enjoy all the benefits of the Directors Circle, and have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with a grant recipient each year and receive preferred seating at the Annual Luncheon.

Circles of Giving Donors

We extend gratitude and recognition to our Circles of Giving donors at all levels for their commitment to IWF and the work done to fulfill our mission. Join these generous contributors at any level to help further our impact in the lives of women and girls across Iowa.

Click each level to view a dropdown of current donors.

Kay Braverman
Martha Easter-Wells
Lori Freudenberg
Grinnell Mutual
Lois James
Jean Jew MD
Amy Kristof-Brown
Judith Leavitt
Rachelle Shepard
Joy Smith & David Rust
Elizabeth Swanson

Megan Early Alter
Kathy Bachmeier
Jacqueline Blank
Lisa Bluder
Christina Bohannan
Terry Boles
Teree Caldwell-Johnson
Joyce Carman-Baldus
Phyllis Chang MD & Judy Gerlitz
Nancy Cobb
Darline Davermann-Reid
Peggy Doerge
Geraldene Felton
Susan Frye
Alison Ames Galstad
Diane and David Gantt
Linda Gottlieb (in memory)
Dolores Gutierrez
Robyn Hepker
Ellen Heywood
Linda Hopkins
Nicole & Matt Hubbell
Jo Lavera Jones
Julie Kunkel
Lori Lane
Vicki Lensing
Debora Liddell & John Westefeld
Nancy Lynk
Belinda Lantz Marner
Bonnie McAreavy
Rosalyn Middleton
Stan Miller
Teresa Morrow
Rachel & Jason Napoli
Jill Olsen
Polly Pagliai
Jennifer Price
Anne Rierson
Betsy Rippentrop
Sara Rynes-Weller
Jayne Sandler
Lindsey & Mike Schluckebier
Patricia Schnack
Alan Swanson
Diane Thomason
Margaret Tinsman
Shanell Wagler
Vicki Walch
Susan Dale Wall MD
Paula Weigel
Victoria West
Dawn Oliver Wiand
Pamela Willard
Naomi Winder
Catherine Young

Jacque Andrew
Kelly Barta & Lisa Jones
Diane Baumbach
Elizabeth Belding
Linda Bergquist
Lois Buntz
Karen Chappell
Naomi Craft
Laurie Dawley
Jeff & Missy Disterhoft
Kristie Doser
Sue Drake
Catherine Dunning
Ann Eastman
Susan Forinash
Suzanne Freedman
Kirsten Frey
Teri Gibson
Anne & Steve Goddard
Jennifer Graf
Debra Hartsock
Curtis Heideman
Keela Herr
Kimberly Hillyard
Camille Hogan
Onna Houck
Elizabeth Jaggers
Kay Johansen
Susan Judisch
Paula Kasper-Lundahl
LaShonda Kennedy
Linda Kirsch
Christine Kivett-Berry
Gail Kotval
Joanne Lane
Karin Leonard
Brenda Loop
Diana Lundell
Christine Luzzie
Janet Lyness
Sarah Madsen
Sue Moorhead
Mary Anders Morris
Katherine Moyers
Nancy Muecke
Brenda Myers
Bill & Vickie Ozburn
Ann Parker
Cynthia Parker
Pearson & Virlee PC
Michelle & Jay Provorse
Hannah Rapson
Donna Rodnitzky
Jayne Sandler
Olga Sassine
Jane Schildroth
Mary Schlicher
Katie Shatzer
Susan Shullaw
Pam Trelstad
Julia Wasson & Joe Hennager
Natasha Wendt & Christoph Gorman
Allyson Wheaton
Jerry Wiand
Natasha Wilson & Zach Miller
Laura Young
Susan Young
Laurie Zaiger

Mary Jo Abbott
Ellen Alexander
Amanda Arn
Barbara Baker
Lisa Barnes
Susan Birrell
Nicki Brick
Kristine Bullock
Jane Burroughs
Renee Clancy
Donna Dostal
Melanie Drake & Thomas Wickersham
Wendy Ford
Kim Garrett
Margaret Grimmer
Jane Hagedorn
Sarah Hansen
Jan Harvey
Deborah Hatz
Kathryne Hillyer
Linda Streb Hoover
Marlene Hutt
Susan Janssen
Betsy Jepsen
Kay Johansen
Erica Kaldenberg
Vernette Knapp
Anne Kolar MD
Susan Krisko
Teresa Kulper
Laura Kuykendall
Rachel Laborde
Little Village – Matthew Steele
Beth Livingston
Kristi Lynch & Donita Hermsen
Midhat & Farhan Mansoor
Alta Medea-Peters
Megan Merritt
Esther Meuer
Jennifer Modestou
Joanna Morgan
Katherine Mossman
Becky Mudd
Pamela Passmore
Janey Jill Piersall
Cindy Postler
Lyn & Mike Redington
Chanelle Reese
Jennifer Roberts
Jodee Ross
Shannon Sander-Welzein
Joni Schrup
Sara Sedlacek
Kama Small
Rachel Zimmermann Smith
Robin Sueppel
Kay Thuesen
Amanda Thys
Brenda Van Dee
Carol Watson
Michele Williams
Sasha Wohlpart
Catherine Zaharis

Legacy Campaign

Help the Iowa Women’s Foundation build a legacy to grow their operations and increase their grantmaking impact by more than 50%.
Iowa Women's Foundation Legacy Fund Logo

The Next Chapter

The Legacy Campaign will propel IWF into the next chapter of our history. With a vastly expanded operational and development budget, we can sustain our efforts for years to come while expanding our work through increased staffing, upgraded technology, and public outreach. With ongoing revenue from the Legacy Fund, we will increase our annual grantmaking by more than 50%, allowing us to make larger grantsfund more projects, and provide emergency funds to support women and girls where and when they need it.

Be a Part of Our Legacy

Whether you’ve been at our side since the very beginning, or you just learned about our organization—you can be a part of IWF history.

Invest in Iowa’s women and girls by giving to the Iowa Women’s Foundation Legacy Campaign. Your contribution will help us create the largest and only fund of its kind in the state. Our combined strength and resources will amplify our grantmaking efforts. And together, we will make a life-changing difference to women and girls from Sioux City to Keokuk, from Decorah to Red Oak, from Davenport to Council Bluffs—and in every one of Iowa’s 99 counties.

All Legacy donors will receive:

  • Permanent recognition on a commemorative plaque at the IWF office
  • A thank you in the 2023 edition of OVATION: A Tribute to Iowa Women and Girls
  • Verbal and written acknowledgment at all Legacy campaign events
  • Credit and appreciation in our annual report, in campaign reports, on the IWF website, and in other materials (as requested)

Champion Giving Levels

Our Legacy campaign pledge levels were named in honor of the trailblazing women whose efforts continue to inspire countless generations of Iowans. Now it’s your turn to leave your mark—become a life-long advocate for women and girls in our state by giving at one of our Champion levels. Expand the Champions level to see who has generously pledged their contribution to the campaign.

An accomplished artist who documented the Black American experience, Catlett became the first African American woman to earn a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Iowa.

Linda Bergquist
Stephanie and William Clohesy

A leader in the women’s suffrage movement who founded the League of Women Voters, Catt was the only woman to graduate in her class from Iowa State University.

Paula Overland Brandt
Betty DeBerg
Joy Smith and David Rust

The first Women’s Athletic Director at the University of Iowa, Dr. Christine Grant was a pioneer for gender equality in sports who testified before Congress as a consultant for the Civil Rights Title IX Task Force.

Kay and Mace Braverman
Phyllis Change and Judy Gerlitz
Geraldine Felton
Nancy Hauserman
Lois James
Chelle and Michael Lehman
Victoria Quinn-Stephens
Liz and Alan Swanson

A lifelong civil rights leader who organized Iowans to join the March on Washington with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Griffin’s important work influenced Iowa civil rights legislation.

Dolores Gutierrez
Jean Jew
Judith Leavitt
Jill Olsen
Linda Paul

A pilot, flight instructor, aerospace engineer, and race car driver—Guthrie was the first woman to compete in the Indianapolis 500 and Daytona 500.

Megan Early Alter
Diane Benoit
Peggy Doerge
Martha Easter-Wells
Friends of the Iowa Commission on the Status of Women
Susan Frye
Jo Jones
Mary Lea Kruse
Mark Ruggeberg and Robert Brooks
Pat Schnack
Jean Trainor
Buffie and Dick Tucker
Dawn Oliver Wiand and Jerry Wiand
Susan Young

A professor, researcher, and scholar, Dr. Jean Jew set a precedent for women everywhere after filing—and eventually winning—a decade-long suit challenging sexual harassment in the workplace.

Kathy Bachmeier
Evalyn Berger
Kate Hawkins Estate
Linda and Nate Hopkins
Jean Lloyd-Jones
Belinda Lantz Marner
Rachel and Jason Napoli
Polly Pagliai in memory of Kay Shive
Jane Schildroth

The first woman ever to chair the Republican Party in 1974, Smith was a staunch supporter of the Equal Rights Amendment who co-founded the Iowa Women’s Political Caucus.

Amanda Arn
Lois Bartelme
Nancy Ann Carl
Meg Egington Carmichel
Mary Donegan-Ritter
Mandy Engel-Cartie
Alison Ames Galstad
Ellen Heywood and Paul Ingram
Hills Bank & Trust
LaShonda Kennedy
Michael Lensing
Marnell Lyle
Della McGrath
Jaimie Miller-Ackley
Stan Miller and Kathy Polvi
Teresa Morrow
Jen and Doug Neumann
Ann and Brad Parker
Barbara and Philip Peterson
Anne Rierson
Linda Schreiber
Susan Shullaw
Elizabeth Slappey & Charles Crawley
Sashi Solomon
Vicki Walch

The Varnums were the lead plaintiffs in Varnum v. Brien, a landmark court case recognizing same-sex marriage in Iowa considered to be the tipping point for marriage equality in the US.

Barb Baker
Kari Blomberg
Rebecca Brown
Daniel Campion
Kim Casko
Nicole Crain
Jennifer Crimmins
Brianne Cummins
Carol and Michael Daly
Jane Dohrmann
Susan Drake
Katie Featherston
Lori Freudenberg
Abbey Furlong
Kandi Gelner
Sarah Halbrook
Diana Harris
Elizabeth Holm
Jennifer Horn-Frasier
Polly Horton
Jody Hovland and Ron Clark
Lynette Jacoby
Jennifer Jordan
Danette Kenne
Sarah and Tim Krumm
Julie Kunkel
Paula Laube
Holly Lauer
Victoria Lim
Rachel Marquardt
Tina McCoy
Linda McGuire and Anne Burnside
Amy Nolte
Carrie Norton
James Olson
Lauren O’Neil
Ann Romanowski
Rosemary Russell
Deb Schmidt
Nancy Sharp
Annette Shaw
Rebecca Skalsky
Greg Slessor
Melissa Tully
Stacy Van Gorp and Chris Denison
Tanya Villhauer
Shanell Wagler
Kimberly Warren
Jan Waterhouse
Terri Wiley
Lisa Williams
Laurie Zaiger

A Meskwaki language specialist and champion for the rights of Native women, Wanatee became the first woman elected to the Meskwaki Tribal Council.

Corporate Sponsorship

When your company supports the Iowa Women’s Foundation, you are supporting our mission to improve the lives of Iowa’s women and girls. This sends a positive message to your female leaders, employees, and clients who are involved with your organization everyday. Businesses who are affiliated with IWF are exposed to the important work that we do—including advocacy that helps shatter barriers in workplaces and beyond.

If your company is interested in sponsoring IWF, please fill out the Sponsorship Entry Form before making a payment.

Annual Sponsorships

IWF has shifted from event-specific sponsorships to annual sponsorships. This means our sponsoring partners receive recognition on all event materials, our website, and on social media for a full calendar year. In addition to this acknowledgement, sponsors receive varying levels of perks based on their sponsorship level.

2023 Corporate Sponsors

Match/Presenting Sponsor

Visionary Sponsors

Leader Sponsors

Ally Sponsors

Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust

City of Cedar Rapids

City of Coralville

City of Iowa City

City of North Liberty

Edward Jones – Kelly Barta

First Interstate Bank

Hayes Lorenzen Lawyers, PLC

ImOn Communications

Lensing Funeral Home

Levi Architecture



Summit Carbon Solutions

Liz and Alan Swanson

Two Rivers Bank

United Iowa Financial

University of Iowa College of Education

University of Iowa Division of Student Life

University of Iowa Health Care


Building Community Child Care Solutions Collaborative Sponsors

A Foundation

Aegon Transamerica Foundation


Alliant Energy


Collins Aerospace

Friends of the Commission of the Status of Women

Integrated DNA Technologies

Iowa Community Credit Union Foundation

John Deere Foundation

US Bank Foundation