CAREforce for our WORKforce

Child care professionals drive Iowa’s economy by providing essential services for families, allowing working parents to thrive in careers while children receive critical early childhood support.

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These highly-trained professionals are not babysitters, they give children the foundation for social and emotional development with school-ready programming, training, and certifications that inform their approach.

In addition, child care professionals are also business owners and operators with facilities to maintain, staff to pay, and families to provide for.

Four ways to help our careforce

Support a child care center.

Whether you donate supplies or volunteer your professional talents—any effort helps. Download our Shared Services PDF to see what materials, services, and resources are needed most.

Share your story.

Tell us how child care, or a lack of it, has made a difference in your life during the last few months. Not only will this help inform these efforts but, with your permission, we can use this story on social media to help raise awareness for our cause.

Tell your elected officials why child care is essential.

Use your voice to make change happen.

Spread Awareness of our CAREforce for our WORKforce campaign.

Order campaign materials, share our messages and posts with your friends, and volunteer for the campaign.

To order materials, send us an email!