Put your talents to work for the lives of Iowa’s women and girls today and build your resume, network with like minded people, and hone your skills! The Iowa Women’s Foundation is always in need of talented individuals to help us fulfill our mission.

Volunteer Opportunities

Chicks for Change: An IWF donor circle based in the Cedar Valley was founded over a decade ago by residents of the area who were passionate about the work of the Iowa Women’s Foundation. The group has raised over $150,000 for the IWF. Dine and Unwind and Run Like a Mother are two annual fundraising events organized by Chicks for Change.

Office/clerical assistance: There is always work to be done in the office! If filing, organizing, or stuffing envelopes is your style, this might be the perfect way for you to help.

Professional services: Use your professional talents to benefit the Foundation. These include graphic design, printing, photography, videography, marketing, public relations, human resources, finance, investment and technology.

Event Support: If you have a special talent working on events, let us know! The Women’s Foundation has several committees that support two events annually.

Annual Luncheon: The Annual Luncheon is held in the fall each year and is the largest fundraising event for the Iowa Women’s Foundation.

“Ovation” Publication: This tribute publication made its debut in the spring of 2014 to recognize and celebrate women and girls throughout Iowa. “Ovation” provides an opportunity to honor remarkable women and girls by offering a glimpse of the deeply important and enormously varied ways honorees affect their families, community, and professions. The annual publication is unveiled and the honorees celebrated at a genuine “feel good” event.


Community Engagement: Members of the Advocacy Committee promote the vision and research of the Foundation and promote change consistent with research findings through public awareness activities.

Development: This committee’s major role is to develop and oversee the implementation of the Board’s fundraising strategies, both for annual operating funds and any major campaigns.

Finance: This committee is responsible for developing and overseeing the Foundation’s annual operating budget.
Grant Allocation: Participate in grant awards decision-making by serving on a community review panel. Visit an existing or potential grant project as a member of a site visit team.

Marketing & PR: The Marketing & PR Committee works to let people know who we are and what we do, and get people involved.

Research: This committee generates knowledge regarding the needs and concerns of women and girls in our State and disseminates the findings.

If you would like to volunteer for The Iowa Women’s Foundation, please contact info@iawf.org or call 319-774-3814.

Interested in volunteering? Contact us!

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