The Iowa Women’s Foundation Honors 119 Remarkable Iowa Women in Tribute Book

The Iowa Women’s Foundation (IWF) held a surprise unveiling party to honor the 119 remarkable Iowa women featured in their new tribute book, Ovation: A Tribute to Iowa’s Women and Girls.

IWF’s inaugural publication of Ovation: A Tribute to Iowa’s Women and Girls provides a simple, unique and lasting way for anyone to pay tribute to a remarkable woman that has touched your life. Each honoree’s testimony is sponsored and dictated by someone whose life has been touched by their dedication. “Our sponsors are bosses, employees, husbands, friends, sisters, daughters, caregivers, and patients. Anyone can honor an Iowa woman or girl with a tribute in our book.” said Dawn Oliver Wiand, Executive Director of the Iowa Women’s Foundation.  

“We are thrilled that many people took the opportunity to recognize so many deserving women across Iowa.” continued Wiand.  “Ovation’s honorees are from all walks of life. From University Presidents to board executives, from small business owners to stay – at –home moms, from gardeners to political activists and many volunteers – these women have dedicated themselves to making a difference and are so deserving of recognition.”

Just a sample of honorees: 

One honoree was fired from her job as a photographer after becoming pregnant in the 1950s. She photographed the birth of her son and, when her photos were published by Look magazine, she launched a successful career as a celebrated photographer and businesswoman. 

Another woman recalled her mother not having enough money to buy her and her brother Christmas presents. Now, as a volunteer for Tanager Place, she has given some of the children the first Christmas presents they have ever received. And she began a candy jar fundraiser, which has now grown to a candy cart that raises nearly $100 a week to support the organization. 

Yet another woman, a medical doctor who lost her husband to cancer, has taken her own experiences and turned them into a passion for integrated health. She advocates for lung cancer research and is working on a pilot radon study in Iowa City.

“This year is just the first year for Ovation: A Tribute to Iowa’s Women and Girls. We know there are many more women worthy of recognition across Iowa and we look forward to getting to know their stories through next year’s publication, “ said Dr. Elizabeth Swanson, the President of IWF.