Finance & Operations Manager

Hannah grew up in Des Moines and attended the University of Iowa. She earned a BA in Psychology with a concentration in Gender, Women’s, & Sexuality Studies and a certificate in Nonprofit Leadership & Philanthropy—making IWF the perfect place for Hannah to complete an internship. Within three months, the Foundation welcomed Hannah full-time.

Hannah is most passionate about childcare. She is disheartened to see parents struggling to choose between employment or childcare, and knows that she may face the same dilemma in her future. Her passion for this work grew during the pandemic, as she saw the added stressors and effects for both parents and children.

While completing her studies, Hannah served as a WRACtivist volunteer with the University of Iowa Women’s Resource and Action Center (WRAC). She also enjoyed volunteering at the Iowa City Animal Care and Adoption Center.

Headshot of Hannah Rickert