Waverly Child Care & Preschool, Waverly

Waverly Child Care and Preschool is working on an expansion onto the west side of the current building as well as updating the current center. The addition will double to current center’s capacity. The expansion will include an additional 8 childcare rooms, storage rooms, and a mechanical, janitorial, and multi-purpose room. Remodeling of the current center will include expanded storage and kitchen, a meeting room, staff room, additional office space, and an internal entrance to the basement. Through the expansion of the current daycare facility Waverly Child Care and Preschool will be able to assist more families in having quality childcare. Waverly Child Care and Preschool is also working with Northern Iowa Therapy to provide parents with on-site screening, developmental testing, direct occupational, speech, and physical therapy services. Access to these services allows for children to receive the care they need as well as screenings to alert their parents to any possible learning/developmental impairments, without the parents needing to leave work for outside appointments.