Smart Girls – Core Grant

The SMART Girls program strategically focuses on providing academic and emotional support for girls to fill the gap in female-specific programming. SMART Girls gives female members ages 8-18 the space, support, and tools to navigate adolescence and emerge as strong, healthy young adults. This includes tackling issues ranging from family troubles, struggles with body image and self-esteem, to the impact of school stress and bullying. The focus of the program is on closing the achievement gaps for female members, and creating high expectations so they can go on to obtain employment, attain financial independence, and reach their full potential. The program allows for a network of support as participants grow, learn, and work towards success and independence. Adult mentoring is integrated throughout the program, along with guest speakers, hands-on activities, and field trips which help build independent, confident young women who are prepared for future education, careers, and economic self-sufficiency.