Skylark Scholarships

With this grant, Skylark Project seeks to expand its services to improve incarcerated survivors’ economic security through higher education. Skylark Scholarships will fund ten $500 scholarships, enabling students to receive college education or technical training. The scholarships will cover tuition, books, printing, postage, and school supply costs for one class for each woman. With support services like tutoring and goal-tracking, Skylark will help students succeed. Advanced education will help the scholarship recipients heal from the damage of past abuse and also reduce their vulnerability to abuse in the future. When an abuse survivor succeeds in her education, she starts to unlearn the degrading, debasing messages she received from her batterer; she improves her sense of self-worth. In addition, advanced education makes her more competitive in the job market, increasing her chances of financial independence. The scholarships will complement other support services by Skylark Project to help the women realize their own strength, value, and ability to succeed.