Hawkeye Childcare Director Credential

Hawkeye Community College Foundation seeks to provide licensed childcare directors (or individuals nearing completion of Iowa licensure requirements) an opportunity to explore the entrepreneurial intricacies of opening their own centers. Additional centers expand both the number of employment opportunities and available childcare spaces. This credential has the potential to significantly increase the lifetime earnings of childcare workers in Black Hawk County, 94% of whom identified as female according to EMSI Data (2017-2019).
Current director training in Iowa is not as comprehensive or business development based. The proposed training will focus on the director’s roles and responsibilities including as a leader, manager, teacher and business owner. Participants will complete QuickBooks Level 1 as an introduction to accounting and billing. Supports provided by UNI Center for Business Growth & Innovation, which serves small business owners, will also be covered to ensure participants’ long-term success. Encouraging the development of additional childcare options will benefit women in the workforce who need dependable childcare. The project is also anticipated to help increase the number of qualified childcare workers in Black Hawk County and Iowa by demonstrating the early childhood educational pathway can culminate in a financially sustainable career.