Growing Beyond Barriers – CORE Grant

The Sioux City Community School District developed a program in August, 2006 to provide support to high school parents and assist them in completing their educations. West High School has an infant care center located within their building. In collaboration with the school district, students have the opportunity to have transportation to and from school along with their infant. Full time high school or college students may be eligible for the state block grant, however, many of the students are not able to make payments for childcare prior to getting tuition assistance which may delay the start of classes. Often times there is 30 day delay from application to approval for the state block grant which impacts their ability to start classes as soon as possible. This can be the difference of graduating on schedule or delaying indefinitely. This project is designed to get student parents into the classroom with as little disruption as possible. Quality childcare is a community priority and families with barriers such as financial or educational need that access. The mission is to advocate for those who need an extra voice to reach their potential. Providing funding to those student parents upon enrollment covers 30 days of cost of care so a student in high school or college can secure childcare to start school on time.