Cedar Valley Kids design project

Cedar Valley Kids (CVK) will provide high-quality childcare to infants through school age children. Over the last decade, the need for childcare that is affordable and accessible gained attention from several businesses in the Cedar Valley. In April 2020, CVK formed a 501(c)3 corporation. Ideally, CVK will build two or more sites, each serving about 100 children, in Waterloo. What makes CVK unique is the business partnerships that are being formed. If work progresses well this winter, we would like to begin Cedar Falls construction in the summer of 2021.
The primary goals for this project are providing affordable childcare for all employees, including those receiving government assistance and who fall in the gap between receiving assistance and earning enough to cover child care expenses; improving recruitment and retention efforts for businesses and industries across the Cedar Valley through employee benefits, innovation and community partnerships, and providing high-quality, safe and supportive childcare to serve and grow future leaders in the Cedar Valley.
Funding will be used for initial design expenses which can then be replicated for additional sites and not duplicated saving funds for construction and startup costs.