Building Self-Sufficiency through Supportive Housing Services

The goal of this project is to provide women with the skills, tools and support to enable them to thrive while living in the Catherine McAuley Center’s Supportive Housing, and continue to build toward a future of self-sufficiency and empowerment. Supportive Housing was added to CMC’s programming in February of 2020 (and expanded by an additional housing unit in 2021). This program was started in response to the need for women to have a “next step” to take upon completing the Transitional Housing program yet still in need of some skill-building and support. Within a communal home, they continue strengthening group and individual decision making skills, learn to manage a budget, gain an understanding of their rights and responsibilities as renters and through monthly rental payments they are required to pay, they are rebuilding (or building) their credit history. Case management is available throughout this next step.