4 C’s

4Cs will be responsible for undertaking the marketing of a Wage Enhancement program being implemented in Johnson County. We will also be onboarding the centers and child development homes to ensure they are fulfilling the requirements of program participation. We will assist them with completing the MOU, when assistance is needed, to participate in the program. To qualify, a center employee or child development home provider will need to be working on obtaining their Child Development Associate degree (or a higher level of education as the first step toward ad education in the field of early childhood. They will also need to show they are a quality-based program measured by participation in the Quality Rating System (QRS) or a new program called IQ4K. Center staff will be required to be full time employees and the center must have a base wage of at least $11 per hour. Child Development Homes will be required to be open some non-traditional hours and have at least 25% of the children they care for on Child Care Assistance, a state supplement for childcare costs, available for low-income families who qualify.