The Power of Stepping Up:
Celebrating 30 Years of Change

In 1994, a group of 27 women met in Iowa City to discuss the needs of Iowa’s women and girls. They posed the question,

“What if every woman and girl in Iowa had a fair opportunity to achieve her personal best?”

Through a unanimous vote, the Iowa Women’s Foundation was born. Even today, it’s the only statewide organization working to enhance and improve women’s economic self-sufficiency in a comprehensive way. These women exemplified what it means to be positioned to lead that day — setting a powerful foundation for the next 30 years and beyond.

Since 1997, IWF has

Awarded over $1.6 Million in grants
Funded over 300 Projects
Helped 172 Organizations
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We are all positioned to lead — including you!

“I’m so proud of the Iowa Women’s Foundation for attracting so many women to their cause — so many people to their cause. They remove barriers from women’s path to success by working with other organizations that seek the same goals. Well-played. Women keep moving forward.”

Ambassador Mary Kramer

– U.S. Ambassador Mary Kramer

Thanks to supporters like you over the years, we have compiled crucial research, advocated for legislative changes, and increased grantmaking capabilities to help address the primary barriers to women’s economic self-sufficiency in all 99 counties across the state.

We have an amazing story to tell, built upon that seemingly simple question asked in 1994 — but without your help, it remains an untold story to many Iowans.

As we head into 2024, the beginning of IWF’s fourth decade, we will focus on expanding our reach and making positive impacts in the lives of even more women and girls in Iowa. From crushing barriers to guiding the implementation of childcare solutions across the state, we are committed to funding and fostering organizations and opportunities that help bridge the gap for all women.

We ask our supporters to step up once again and embrace your unique position to lead by supporting IWF through a year-end gift. Together, we can pave that path to leadership and success for women and girls across Iowa.