2023 Iowa Solutions Summit: Childcare

IWF is proud to announce the first Iowa Solutions Summit with a focus on one of our six barriers. This year, we are discussing one of the most critical barriers faced by Iowa’s women and girls: access to affordable, quality childcare.

Why Childcare Matters

Did you know there is a shortfall of 346,051 childcare spaces in Iowa at any given time?

When parents can’t find childcare, they can’t work. This impacts your local businesses, economy, and community.

Along the same lines, we can’t have childcare spaces without childcare workers. But our childcare workforce is suffering, and without affordable wages, many are forced to leave the industry.

You can help make a difference, whether you rely on childcare or not!

Attend the 2023 Iowa Solutions Summit to hear from the experts who have childcare solutions in their communities and how finding solutions benefit all Iowans. Childcare is critical to every community’s economic stability. The Solutions Summit will assist you in creating a plan for your childcare needs. Get your tickets today!