The Iowa Women’s Foundation is committed to improving the lives of Iowa’s women and girls.

Our Work

Seventy percent (70%) of Iowa’s female head-of-households struggle economically. Through targeted research, grantmaking, advocacy, education, and collaboration, the Iowa Women’s Foundation works to shatter the barriers to economic self-sufficiency so ALL of Iowa’s women and girls have equal opportunities for success.  Because when Iowa’s women and girls are successful, our businesses thrive, our communities flourish and Iowa wins. 

IWF funds and supports research that enables it to invest wisely in activities that create pathways to economic success for women and girls.

At the heart of IWF is the goal of raising funds to provide grants to organizations that give IWF the power to advance the lives of women and girls each year.

In order to lead change, IWF educates policy makers and other community leaders regarding issues and solutions.

IWF educates the community on the importance of improving the lives of women and girls.

IWF works with social services organizations, government agencies, schools and businesses to address the needs of women and girls in a coherent and complete way.

What makes IWF uniquely effective is our focus: we use research to uncover the biggest barriers to women’s success and their greatest needs, and we target our efforts accordingly to achieve our goals and make the most significant impact