The Iowa Women’s Foundation is pleased to announce the establishment of a new Child Care Collaborative Fund (CCC), which will enhance our organization’s current grantmaking abilities. Funds from the initiative will be invested in organizations and institutions that focus on strategies to increase women’s economic security by decreasing the work force gap through access to quality, affordable child care.


The Child Care Collaborative Fund is made up of donors who participate only in the information and learning network, and donor partners who are fully invested in our efforts. Donor partners come from different parts of the state and include businesses, foundations, philanthropists, and others who envision Iowa as a leader in partnerships that focus on early childhood care. Funds from the CCC will be invested in organizations and institutions that center around strategies and solutions that ensure access to affordable, quality child care, decreasing the work force gap, and ultimately increasing women’s economic security across Iowa.


The Fort Dodge Child Care Initiative grant submitted by Linking Families and Communities in the amount of $10,000 will be the first investment.


This grant will begin the process to secure 200 additional child care spaces in the Fort Dodge community. A licensed architect will complete the pre-design work of an addition to the Community Early Learning Center, as well as a new child care center. The work will be shared with other communities where appropriate to ensure the “wheel is not be recreated” in communities across Iowa looking at this same strategy.


The lack of affordable, accessible child care is a major barrier to women’s economic self-sufficiency in all of Iowa’s 99 counties, and in 2018, the Iowa Women’s Foundation will increase our focus on finding solutions to the child care crisis. But we can’t tackle this issue alone—we are already working with community leaders, businesses, and organizations like Linking Families to pool our resources and our talents. We know the solutions we arrive at will be better because of this collaboration.


To learn more about the state of child care in Iowa, click here to watch our “Building Solutions” video.