The Iowa Women’s Foundation has unveiled the 6th edition of Ovation: A Tribute to Iowa Women and Girls. Celebration receptions were held in Cedar Rapids, Des Moines and Waterloo.

Ovation is IWF’s signature annual publication. This year’s edition honors 93 amazing women of all ages who have made an impact on their families, friends, colleagues and communities. These women are wonderful examples of mentors, advocates and role models. The beautiful stories told are a homage to those featured. They inspire others to reach their goals and enjoy their dreams. they are a strong, thoughtful, driven, tireless and generous group who empower the women around them to be the best they can be. These women are Iowa!

The 2019 edition is dedicated to Ellen Failor, a woman who devoted her life to making the world a more just and equitable place, or ‘fighting the good fight”, as she often called it. Ellen was a founder of IWF. She was in the room on August 27, 1994 and voted unanimously with the other founders to establish the IWF. For 17 years, she worked with the Iowa Commission on the Status of Women where she sought to end domestic violence, promote pay equity and increase women’s educational and vocational opportunities and to write women back into history. Ellen’s commitment lives on in the legacy she has left by recognizing IWF as the beneficiary to her estate.

This year we honor a high school volleyball coach who helped her team overcome tragedy, inspiring a book and a major motion picture; a student musician who broke the mold, becoming her school’s first female drum major since World War II; a home builder, designer and business owner who paved the way for women in construction; a stay-at-home mother, who after successfully raising three children, became an election official.

The stories are vast and as diverse as the women honored. Who will you recognize?

Many thanks to our event photographers, Penny Schnedler and Abigail Boorman.