Thank you to Victoria Hunger and Allison Portz for sharing their experiences with us, and a special thank you to Women in Business for their continued support for and collaboration with IWF. Learn more about this organization and how they are helping young women prepare for the business world here

WIB Students On the Importance of Supporting Women’s Professional Development



The University of Iowa’s Women in Business is a student-led organization aimed at encouraging professional development and leadership while promoting the importance of fostering relationships and inspiring women to reach their career goals and aspirations. We asked WIB leaders to share why preparing the next generation of young women for the workforce is so important.

Here’s what they had to say:

Preparation = Confidence

Victoria Hunger President, Women in Business

“Preparation is key to success when it comes to doing a job well. Although you can never be prepared for all situations that are thrown your way, training is an essential aspect to incoming employees that ultimately provides them with the resources necessary to succeed. One specific instance where I was shown the importance of training was through my past summer internship with the Minor League Baseball team, the Kane County Cougars. Once the school year ended, and summer began, the first couple weeks of my internship were based solely around training methods and tactics of how to be well prepared as an intern. I am so thankful that my bosses and coworkers were able to take the time to show me how everything worked, so that I was not just thrown into the job without a clue of what was expected from me. Instead, I felt confident in the tasks that I knew I had to complete so that when an unexpected situation arose, I was able to solve it quickly and calmly.

This experience of mine has taught me the value of a good training program, and that it is something I personally look for in a job upon graduation. Not only does it benefit the trainee his or herself, but the company overall will see the benefits through more efficient work, positive attitudes, and better relationships amongst coworkers.”

Real-World Experience

Allison Portz Vice President, Women in Business

“Getting involved in a student organization has helped me prepare for the workforce more than I ever could have imagined. I joined Women in Business my freshman year of college and have been on the executive board for the past two years. Holding an executive position has taught me how to handle difficult situations in a professional manner. I was fortunate enough to hold multiple positions of the executive board, When I was VP of Events, I would work with different venues that were hosting the events I planned, helping me develop organization skills. As VP of Marketing, I had to create professional content and stay relevant on all social media platforms, increasing my attention to detail skills. Today, as Vice President of Women in Business, I am organizing a silent auction, which requires me to connect with 100+ local businesses asking for donations via email, phone, or face-to-face. Organizing and collecting these donations has helped me improve my speaking and leadership skills. Staying on top of emails and returning calls is crucial of this position, and I expect the real world to be the same way. Every one of these positions required me to connect with real professionals and deal with real situations.

Being able to apply the material I learned about in my college courses and use thatin my everyday life through this organization has helped me grow both personally and professionally. Leading an organization of 200+ girls and working with the community has helped me prepare for the workforce so much. I can’t imagine college without Women in Business!