A special thank-you to Salma Shaik Mohamed, Business Integration Analyst and Communications Chair, Friends of Asia, at Rockwell Collins for writing this guest blog. Visit iawf.org/blog to read more from our Women’s History Month series.

Spreading Love & Peace on Muslim Women’s Day
by Salma Shaik Mohamed


As we celebrate Muslim Women’s Day, I take great pride in all the Muslim women who are strong, fierce, and extraordinary in all the fields they have excelled in. Today is a call for all Muslim women across the state of Iowa and throughout the United States—no matter what uncomfortable situations they face—to be proud to be a woman and a Muslim who has great potential to change the world every single day.

My name is Salma Shaik Mohamed, and I am originally from India, Muslim by faith, and have been living in Cedar Rapids, Iowa for more than five years. I feel very fortunate to be living in Iowa, where the people are very welcoming and warm irrespective of me being a Brown Muslim Woman. The city has become a home-away-from-home for me.

I want to take this opportunity to promote love and peace and help minimize and eliminate the uncomfortable feelings some people might have being around Muslims. I would like to share and discuss something that I have observed and emphasize how important it is for us to feel safe and be welcoming to each other:

I heard from my co-workers and friends that they were at a concert in a closed atmosphere with a group of Muslim men and women, and how scared and uncomfortable they felt. It is unfortunate with few hate crimes that people have developed a sense of fear. I would like to see everyone in the state of Iowa feel safe around us, as we Muslim Women have so much love and peace to offer. Every chance I get, I try to educate and promote peace by emphasizing that there is beauty in the Islamic religion and in all the Muslim Women who have made a positive difference in the world.

One such amazingly inspiring Muslim woman is Malala Yousafzai, who has contributed so much to promote women’s education and peace in the world. She is also the youngest ever recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. Her book, I am Malala, is a great must-read for women and men of all backgrounds.

Thank you all for spending few minutes reading this post and for spreading love and peace across the world. Happy Muslim Women’s Day all.