In 2013, the Iowa Women’s Foundation announced its Circles of Giving program.  This program is a unique and important philanthropic network of individuals who support the work of the IWF.  Today, 178 individuals have pledged a total of $95,000 a year to improve the lives of Iowa’s women and girls with the Iowa Women’s Foundation. Half of each pledge goes to support our annual grantmaking and the other half to our general operations.

Now, we are excited to share with you the new and refreshed Circles of Giving program.   We have new circles with different giving levels and unique and fun benefits.  See the details below

Find more information, including our pledge form, here.


Leadership Circle:  $100 -$499 (three-year commitment)

  • Reception with IWF Leadership annually
  • Invitation to reception with luncheon speaker
  • Consideration for participation on a community review panel
  • Opportunity to volunteer for IWF
  • Recognition on the Iowa Women’s Foundation website
  • Special recognition at all Iowa Women’s Foundation events

Directors Circle:  $500 – $2,499 (three-year commitment)

  • Items list for Leadership, plus
  • Invitation to check presentation with grantee partners
  • Special acknowledgement on luncheon table

Presidents Circle:   $2,500 + (three-year commitment)

  • Items listed for Leadership and Directors, plus
  • Meet one on one with one of the year’s grant recipients
  • Preferred seating at luncheon


We could not do the work we do without our Circle donors. Please join this extraordinary group and become a circle donor today.  There is strength in numbers. Together, we can grow IWF’s statewide impact, resources and capacity enabling us to improve the lives of ALL of Iowa’s women and girls!


A special “thank you” to our current Circles of Giving Members:


($2,500 or more per year for three years)

Martha Easter-Wells

Jean Trainor



($500 – $2,499 per year for three years)

Megan Alter

Diane Benoit

Lisa Bluder

Janie Braverman – Southgate Co

Kay Braverman

Joyce Carman-Baldus

Josephine Catalano

Stephanie Clohesy

Susan Curry

Suzanne Cutler

Elizabeth Daly

Shari DeMaris

Peggy Doerge

Amy Dudgeon

Neva Evans

Geraldene Felton

Kimberly Folkers

Susan Frye

Sarah Gardial

Linda Gottlieb (in memory)

Dolores Gutierrez

Lynn Hartman

Nancy Hauserman

Robyn Hepker

Ellen Heywood

Judith Higgs-Mayer

Linda Hopkins

Sanja Hunt

Lois James

Jean Jew MD

Jo Lavera Jones

Jean Lloyd-Jones

Samantha Karrel & David Wieseneck

Mary Lea Kruse

Julie Kunkel

Lori Lane

Judith Leavitt

Chelle Lehman

Vicki Lensing

Debora Liddell

Janet Lyness

Belinda Marner

Denise McCormick

Jane McCune

Lori Meyer

Teresa Morrow

Polly Pagliai

Chuck Peters

Linda Paul

Pamela Pothoven

Martha Reineke

Tom Rocklin

Joy Smith/David Rust

Sara Rynes-Weller

Jayne Sandler

Melissa Schooley

Sashi Solomon

Nancy Sprince/Craig Swerling

Joyce Summerwill

Suzanne Summerwill

Alan Swanson

Elizabeth Swanson

Buffie Tucker

Vicki Walch

Susan Wall

Victoria West

Dawn Oliver Wiand

Dr. Terence & Dr. Glenys Williams

Janice Wilson



($100 – $499 per year for three years)

Jacque Andrew

Kathy Bachmeier

Usha Balakrishnan

Lisa Baum

Diane Baumbach

Susan Beckett/Laurie Haag

LeeAnn Benischek

Beverly Blades

Jacqueline Blank

Christina Bohannan

Ellen Buchanan

Mary Rita Burns
Debra Carneol

Karen Chappell

Margaret Clancy

Margaret Conroy
Jodi Cooper

Teri Copler

Brenda Cruikshank, M.D.

Mary Curtis
Cary Darrah

Linda Dasher

Barb Davis
Betty DeBerg

Ellie Densen

Monique DiCarlo

Jeff Disterhoft

Mary Donegan-Ritter

Kristie Doser
Sue Drake

Kelley Drowne

Madgetta Dungy

Catherine Dunning

Kate Ebinger

Jan Finlayson

Leslie Fitzpatrick

Mick Fletcher

Kimberly Folkers

Rita Frantz (in memory)

Suzanne Freedman

Heidi Galer

Alison Ames Galstad

Catherine Gerlach

Shaun & Jessica Glick

Christine Grant

Jane Hagedorn

Sue Hansen
Debra Hartsock

Curt Heideman

Patricia Heiden

Elizabeth Heineman

Keela Herr

Tracy Hightshoe

Camille S. Hogan

Holly Hotchkiss

Delia Ray Howard

Marlene Hutt

Karen Arnold Johnson

Susan Judisch

LaShonda Kennedy

Cindy Knebel

Catherine A Knight

Patricia Koza

Joanne Lane

Michael Lensing

Karin Leonard

Sarah Leonard
Sherry Lohman

Christine Luzzie

Rita Marcus

Nicki Maurus

Linzee Kull McCray

Linda McGuire

Kate Minette

Sherry Mitchell

David & Joleen Mittelholtz

Sue Moorhead

Joanna Morgan
Mary Anders Morris

Katherine Moyers

Nancy Muecke

Rachel Napoli

Rachel Neumiller

Amy Nielsen

Hillery Oberle

Jill Olsen

Bill & Vickie Ozburn

Cynthia Parker

Tonya Peeples

Shannon Ramsay

Cindy Reed

Donna Rodnitzky

Shonda Ryken

Olga Sassine

Jane Schildroth

Mary Schlicher

Patricia Schnack

Hazel Seaba

Susan Shullaw

Lisa Sievert

Alison Werner Smith

Ann Smothers
Cathy Solow

Dr. Ruth Spieker

Marlene Stanford

Serena Stier

Susan Strauss

Susan Stutzel

Dawn Taylor

Sandra Thorington

Pam Tiedt

Margaret Tinsman

Pam Trelstad

Ann & Steve Valenta

Rhoda Vernon

Carrie Wagner

Julia Wasson

Natasha Wendt/Christopher Gorman

Allyson Wheaton

Jennifer Whitmore

Jerry Wiand

Veronica (Ronnye) Wieland

Pamela Willard

Sara C Wolfson

Catherine Young

Susan Young

Laurie Zaiger