A special thank you to Cedar Valley Kids—one of our 2021 Building Community Child Care Solutions Fund (BCCCSF) grant partners—for writing this guest blog.

Cedar Valley Kids (CVK) is on a mission to expand quality, affordable child care in the Waterloo/Cedar Falls area. In April 2020, CVK became a 501(c)(3) and began seeking partnerships with various stakeholders who share our vision—from local businesses to elected officials, child care professionals, and more.

One committed partner is Waterloo Mayor Quentin Hart. Last spring, Mayor Hart introduced us to developer Ben Stroh, who has been transforming a North Crossing stripmall over the past few years and believes that a child care center would greatly complement other development plans. Stroh has generously donated land for a new CVK child care center in the North Crossing development. Levi Architecture, meanwhile, is drawing site and design plans for this location.

Grow Cedar Valley announced this live on their Facebook page in May. We are excited to build our first site in an area that is benefiting from this rejuvenation. Additionally, we are communicating with leaders from two large businesses located near North Crossing. Both have acknowledged their employees’ tremendous need for child care that is affordable, accessible and reliable, and we believe we can help meet those needs.

We are also working with a local business partner to build a website for CVK. Construction and other updates will be available there.

Thank you, Iowa Women’s Foundation, for investing in Cedar Valley Kids.