Need specific data on the condition of women in your county? Your city? Your school district? Or are you looking for data on a select demographic of women across Iowa?


The SHE Matters Mapping Tool can help.


As part of SHE Matters: 2012 Status of Women and Girls in Iowa, the Iowa Women’s Leadership Project (IWLP) enlisted the assistance of Mapping Strategies to create a user-friendly, searchable state map designed to make the SHE Matters research data accessible to everyone. The searchable tool can help you answer the questions you have about Iowa’s women and girls with the latest statewide data:

  • Grant seeking agencies:  Use it to apply for support for your program.
  • Students:  Support your thesis with real facts.
  • Reporters: Show credible trends in your local community that seem to spring from the latest headline.



Download the mapping tool handout (pdf) to guide you through using the maps.



How do I use it?

As a member of IWLP, the Iowa Women’s Foundation is proud to promote the Mapping Tool and provide training to Iowans across the state. Iowa Women’s Foundation is an expert source for data on Iowa’s women and girls.


Join us for an in-depth training scheduled across the state in Fall 2014. If you would like to be notified about upcoming mapping workshops, please email the IWF at or call 319.774.3813



Access specific maps now by using one of the following links:


Where SHE Stands Maps

Service Providers Map

Iowa women’s service providers.


Asian Population

By gender and age.


Black Population

By gender and age.


Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Population

By gender and age.


Latino Population

By gender and age.


Other Race Population

By gender and age.


Two or More Races Population

By gender and age.


White, Not Hispanic Population

By gender and age.

Other Categories and Characteristics

Education and Health

Female ratio in athletics (Cedar Falls schools), women’s service providers, high school building graduation rates, self-esteem in girls, teen birth rate, pregnancy termination rate, and Iowa school districts.


Women in Politics

Women city council, women mayors, Iowa House candidates, and Iowa Senate candidates.


Economic Data

Women’s service providers, counties comprising Iowa’s 9 SMAs, females below the federal poverty limit, and median income difference by gender.


Marital and Household Data

Women’s service providers, female householder with own children and no husband, and females never married estimate.


Age, Language at Home, and SMA Definition in Iowa

Women’s service providers, counties including SMAs in Iowa, speak a language other than English at home, and female median age.