By SehSeh Sanan

In an effort to become more involved in Women in Business at the University of Iowa and further my personal growth, I signed up to be connected with a mentor at the start of the Fall 2016 semester. I was extremely fortunate to be paired with my mentor: a recent grad who is working at a company she previously interned for.


My mentor and I meet monthly; we go out for sushi, talk about a wide range of topics (ranging from professional growth to personal), and we develop our friendship. This ongoing experience has benefited me in a number of ways, but the biggest impact has been access to Maddie’s network and wealth of knowledge. Being a recent graduate and a current professional allows her to empathize with my position and thoughts and also guide me with her advice. Because we share a number of similar interests, our discussions can range from current events to our future career goals.


In terms of awareness, connecting to my mentor has allowed me to be connected to her network. She’s aware of numerous upcoming events that pertain to our interests and continually shares them with me. This has made an impact because the events we attend are informative; providing differing views on various subject matter, and often providing a new take on whatever the subject may be.


Without the addition of Maddie in my life this semester, I believe that my personal growth in terms of thinking about my professional life and my awareness of local events would not be at the point that they are now.


In speaking about my personal experiences with mentorship, I highly encourage women to incorporate such an experience into their life.